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Content will always be King

You need to understand that the basic rules for SEO have not changed much since its inception. It is just as important or more than before. This should explain why there are so many different SEO service providers out there. SEO strategies are not something that can be developed once and then forgotten about, they need to be updated and changed accordingly. But even then, there are some things that have not entirely changed.

Content for instance is still king and it shall always be this way. As long as you have quality content to offer, there is no reason why you will not benefit from an increase in traffic to your site. This just comes to show how important SEO really is, as one mistake could cost you a fortune in the long and could affect your site’s search engine rankings as well.

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  • Meta Titles Creation
  • Meta Descriptions Creation
  • Plagiarism, Duplicate Content Checking (Internal and External)
  • Robots.txt Optimization
  • Mobile Compatibility Checkup and Optimization
  • Favicon Creation and implementation
  • URLs Parameters Checking & Optimization
  • Image Optimization (integration of Alt-Tags)
  • Header Tags (H1, H2, H3) Optimization
  • Internal Linking/Breadcrumb Optimization
  • W3C Validation
  • HTML,XML,Ror & TXT Sitemap Creation & Update
  • Site Structure Analysis/Landing Pages Analysis
  • Website Load Time Checking
  • Analysis of Dedicated IP
  • Broken Links Checking
  • Canonical URL Implementation
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Creation
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Code Implementation
  • Installing Social Media Icons

Well, because it still Works!

First and foremost, all the techniques, the skills and the strategies implemented by a professional SEO firm are still in play and all of them work. While it is true that Google did pull out data pertaining to organic traffic recently, the strategies to drive that traffic are still in play and they work like magic.

Understand this, as long as you engage in enhancing and boosting optimal user experience while implementing calculated SEO techniques and practices you will always be rewarded by higher ranks on Google and you will always get the traffic you are looking for.

SEO isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

Based on how SEO techniques are evolving and how search engines are developing it is highly unlikely that SEO is going to stop functioning properly anytime in the foreseeable future. When you think about video and audio searches on Google still require the use of keywords.

SEO is Comparatively Cost-Effective

SEO beats a majority of other forms of online marketing like PPC advertising and social media marketing in terms of cost-effectiveness. And while PPC does play a pivotal role in boosting your revenue, your organic SEO tactics still remain the very foundation of your online presence.