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Is Link Building Still Really Worth It?

There is sheer number of articles on the internet that discuss about the notion that link building is dead and that it isn’t relevant anymore. However, the top 5 most sought after online skills by employers and recruiters in 2014 were none other than, you guessed it, SEO. Don’t get me wrong, content and social media play a huge part in online marketing and brand enhancement, but you just cannot negate the truism that at the end of the day what companies really want is more and more traffic to their website.

Marketing your products and/or services is generally a good idea, moreover, it is a necessity and hence it is worth the investment. But the same goes for SEO. Just as you think that marketing tactics and strategies can be complicated to integrate and implement to gain a massive audience, you have to understand that so does SEO practices.

Both traditional marketing and SEO services including link building are all about attracting a large number of audience to come view your products and services and buy them from your website. On a very basic level, to explain things better, Link Building is all about getting your customer intrigued, curious and interested. It is about sparking a desire in them to buy something from you and when you talk about digital platforms, there nothing that can beat Search Engine Optimization.

Choose from following Link Building (White Hat SEO) Plan: